Thursday, 27 March 2014

Weekend Breakout - Dorset

Foodie haven, outdoor bliss, dramatic coastline, breathtaking countryside


Over the weekend we broke out of London and headed to the west country;  Dorset. It was the first beautiful weekend in spring. The sun shone, the bird song was wild and the daffodils were up. Over the two days we were there, all we could do was forget about the busy world we'd left behind and go totally carefree for the weekend.

Ice cream on the beach, huge walks through the countryside, sunsets on hill tops and hearty food (for breakfast, lunch and dinner). We headed to Hugh Fearnely Whittingstall's restaurant for a light lunch, picked up groceries in a farm shop and spent a lazy Sunday afternoon in an old country pub. We walked the sandy beaches, rode through rivers on horse back and hiked beautiful hills (got lost, had an argument, laughed it off and somehow got home).

Flushed, sun kissed and with full bellies, we headed back to London.

 photo IMG_5402_zpsade79fc4.jpg

 photo IMG_5325_zpsb5ccb669.jpg photo IMG_5356_zps562c20cc.jpg  photo IMG_5336_zps8d684dab.jpg  photo IMG_5332_zpsb445f3a9.jpg    photo IMG_5373_zps4a55ac07.jpg  photo IMG_5378_zpsb1182983.jpg  photo IMG_5377_zpsabd216cb.jpg
 photo IMG_5376_zps6cb5f2f9.jpg photo IMG_5379_zps57e715af.jpg
 photo IMG_5381_zps315e78d4.jpg photo 2e5419da-8894-47a2-8ba3-a10796a7c615_zps748159d4.jpg photo IMG_5397_zps1315315f.jpg  photo IMG_5401_zps62ec45c4.jpg  photo IMG_5400_zps5b3c4046.jpg

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