Thursday, 17 April 2014

Moira's Remedies

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I've been really under the weather over the last week and have spent most of my time curled up under a big cotton duvet at home.
While I've been recuperating, I have been flicking through the cookbooks looking for ideas as to what to cook and share with you next. It turns out Moira was quite the medic and has a whole section of her book dedicated to treating common ailments. I would not suggest taking any of her advice or following any of her instructions (judging from her remedies, she was far from being any sort of medic), but I did think it could be fun to share with you...

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Cure for Toothache
"Mix in bottle equal parts of camphor and chloroform"

For Headache
"Sponge the head all over night and morning with water as hot as you can bear it and rub dry with a coarse towel"

For Falls
"Rub the part affected with a piece of fresh butter and it will prevent a bruise or any discoloring of the skin"

For Stings of Bees or Wasps
"Chalk wetted with hawthorn is a remedy for the sting of a bee, also table salt kept moist with wakes. A raw onion is an excellent remedy for the sting of a wasp, also poppy leaves"

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Do NOT practice any of the above at home, These are NOT to be taken literally!

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