Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Vanille Sugar

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"Vanille Sugar is made by  filling a small earthern jar with the finest sifted sugar and sticking into it 3 or 4 pods of vanilla. Close it up tight and when you want to have the Vanilla flavouring for anything use this sugar, and then fill it up with more plain sugar. Also a small bit of the vanilla pod may be cut off and pounded along with the sugar, this is very good for flavouring cream. The bits of the pod which are not pounded fine may be put back in the crock"

 A simple but very useful ingredient to have in the kitchen. If you don't know how to make vanilla sugar, then let the vintage cookbooks let you into this secret. I once met a chef who believed that only true bakers would have a stock of this delicious and versatile sugar stashed away in their baking cupboards.

There is no end to the use of vanilla sugar - from sprinkling over freshly baked biscuits, to adding a spoonful into a rich black coffee or, as Moira suggests, adding a delicate flavor to a whipped cream. It is one of my favorite sugars to use in cakes and is a staple when making up household favorite coconut bread (a modern pantry recipe that I will have to share with you soon).

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